EQuIP – Enhancing the Quality of Industrial Policies

Manama, Bahrain | 1–12 March 2015

Main logoFrom 1 – 12 March 2015, a training programme “EQuIP – Enhancing the Quality of Industrial Policies” was held in the Kingdom of Bahrain at the Royal University for Women.

The 10-day programme, organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in collaboration with the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO)/Arab International Center for Entrepreneurship & Investment (AICEI), gathers a well selected group of 22 public servants and industrial analysts from 21 developing countries. The programme, funded by the German Development Cooperation (GDC), supports policymakers from developing countries to formulate and design evidence-based policy strategies for inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

The event attracted public servants and industrial analysts from 20 developing countries. The objective of the workshop was to support policymakers to formulate and design evidence-based strategies for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development. The workshop was based on the EQuIP Toolbox, a set of simple and intuitive analytical tools aiming to help policy makers to address important strategic questions in the formulation of industrial policies.

The 10-day course was focused on practical exercises and divided into four thematic areas:

  1. Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development: Participants were introduced to the key topics and theoretical foundations underpinning the EQuIP toolbox and the role of evidence-based approaches in improving industrial policies.
  2. Diagnostic Indicators: Participants were shown how to source statistical data and how to calculate a selection of EQuIP indicators illuminating dimensions such as industrial expansion, diversification, export performance, quality employment generation and resource efficiency.
  3. Participatory Analysis and Write-Up: Throughout the workshop, participants discussed how the topics/analyses related to their experiences working in industrial diagnosis and strategy-setting and where they saw a need for further capacity development.
  4. Wrap-up and Feedback: Participants provided feedback and assessments of the relevance of the concepts, tools and methodologies introduced during the workshop vis-à-vis the strategic issues facing their countries’ industrial sectors.

The EQuIP Toolbox

The EQuIP Toolbox offers stakeholders a range of methodologies to consider for industrial diagnosis and strategy design in their countries. EQuIP consists of 9 Tools, an Introduction, a Strategy Setting Document as well as a Crash Course on practical methodology.

All Tools and related content can all be downloaded here.

The E-Learning Course

The UNIDO Institute e-learning platform hosts a complete online course on the EQuIP Toolbox. It can be accessed freely through the e-learning platform at:


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