About Us


Industrialization has the potential to help achieve a plethora of social objectives such as high rates of employment, poverty eradication, gender equality, labour standards and greater access to education and healthcare. The sustainability of industrial development and long-term success, however, require substantial changes throughout society. They necessitate prudent decision-making across many domains and a high degree of knowledge and capacity by professionals and government officials.
If industrial policy is to realize its potential in creating inclusive and sustainable economic and industrial growth, national stakeholders must adopt a long-term view on processes of industrial development.

UNIDO Capacity Development is dedicated to enhancing the quality of industrial policy by generating, disseminating and sharing world-class knowledge resources, and building capacities for inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

UNIDO Capacity Development brings together some of the best thought leaders from around the world to provide knowledge and training for policy-makers and experts on emerging global issues. The most visible element of the Institute is its portfolio of training programmes, fostering collaboration and dialogue between professionals, academics and young leaders worldwide, in order to:

  •  raise awareness of major global challenges and issues;
  •  transfer knowledge, skills and international best practices in the field of industrial development;
  •  explore ways in which to foster broader inter-regional cooperation.

As UNIDO’s main instrument to instigate the organization’s global forum function, the capacity development team plays an integral role in the innovation, development and transfer of knowledge, particularly on issues such as industrial policy, manufacturing, environment and trade capacity-building.
The work programme of UNIDO Capacity Development revolves around the creation of learning opportunities for policy makers, industrial development practitioners, researchers and people working in the industrial development community. For this, the Institute provides a number of actions that fall into the following four groups:

  •  Training and Education activities aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of member countries’ government officials, policy makers, researchers, young professionals and other stakeholders, enabling them to engage more effectively in industrial development processes
  •  Knowledge Sharing activities and dissemination of UNIDO experiences to academics, industrial development policy makers, practitioners and other shareholders
  • Policy Dialogue support activities aimed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to develop effective communication channels between experts, government officials, senior policy makers, academics and other stakeholders, in order to ease the flow of research findings and solutions to industrial policy challenges
  • Strategic Networking and Partnership to link UNIDO’s activities with appropriate partner institutions  (such as universities, research centres, think-tanks, consulting companies) with an expertise in the field of sustainable industrial policy design and management, and to create an international community of practice on industrial development issues

Our overall goal is to become a global centre of excellence for learning and capacity building for effective state interventions, as well as a web-based resource centre for the community of practitioners in industrial development issues.