On Top of the Game: Global Strategies and Negotiations Towards Green Growth

October 23 – 28, 2011 | Hernstein Castle, Austria

On Top of the Game Executive Programme BrochureThe “On Top of the Game: Global Strategies and Negotiations Towards Green Growth” Executive Programme provided a strategic insight into current state-of-the-art analysis and research on developing countries’ options in green growth and energy policy. It looked at related green technologies, innovations and multilateral negotiations. The programme aimed at developing the five key skills of a negotiator’s toolkit: thorough analysis, rational decision-making, persuasion, innovation and implementation. It further included insights on policy positions and options in current environmental negotiations such as green industrial development in developing countries. It brought together leading figures from multilateral diplomacy, international business, law, academia and the UN system. Their great range of experience and their unmatched expertise helped in advancing participants’ understanding of key processes and the policy space available to developing countries in multilateral environmental and economic negotiations. Instead of the typical teacher-centred lecturing, the programme relied on participants’ interactions as well as intellectually challenging case discussions, exercises and simulations, which were led by world-class academics and practitioners. The dynamic course structure and the limited group size enabled participants to interact with both the faculty and one another, to analyse and resolve individual issues and concerns. Evening talks by distinguished speakers rounded off the daily programme.

The executive programme combined the highest standards of academic rigour as provided by Oxford University’s Saïd Business School combined with the vast industrial policy and technology experience of UNIDO’s Institute for Capacity Development. It was financially supported by the Republic of Austria.

The programme “On Top of the Game: Global Strategies and Negotiations towards Green Growth” was attended by senior negotiators, policymakers and executives from developing countries and economies in transition, who are currently involved in multilateral negotiations and important policy decisions in relation to climate change and Rio+20.

The Training took place as a five and a half day residential seminar held at the Schloss Hernstein Seminar Hotel, which is in close proximity of Vienna, Austria. It offered full accommodation, meals and sports facilities.

Participants were trained in the analysis of complex negotiation situations, particularly in multilateral negotiations in the field of green growth, as well as the determination of the interests, processes and relationships that may lead to more fruitful and sustainable agreements. They also gained an understanding of the challenges related to green resource-efficient industrial and economic growth and how to address them. Further, they learned how to use persuasion at the table, and operational capacities beyond the table, to alter situations and reframe issues in ways that support specific goals and plans. Methods for approaching negotiations in different cultures were also addressed.

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