On Top of the Game – Alumni


 Ali MEDHAT- Egypt Mr. Ahmed Medhat Mohammed Ali
Director of CDM Awareness and Promotion Unit
Ministry of Environment
Arab Republic of Egypt
 Arlette MASSALA - Angola Ms. Arlette Massala
Climate Change Project Officer
Ministry of Environment
Republic of Angola
 Arundhati SRI TANTRI - Indonesia Ms. Arundhati Sri Tantri
Assistant Deputy for Agro-Industry and Small Scale Enterprise Pollution Control
Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia
 Babajide ALO - Nigeria Mr. Babajide Alo
Director of Linkage Centre for Environmental Human Resources Development
University of Lagos,
Federal Republic of Nigeria
 Chafik KELLALA - Algeria Mr. Mohammed Chafik Kellala
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
 Daniel NOULA - Burkina Faso Mr. Daniel Noula
Ministry of Mines, Quarries & Energy
Burkina Faso
 Gunasinghe - Sri Lanka Mr. S.M.S.D Gunasinghe
Assistant Secretary
Ministry of Environment
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
 Heidi BOTERO - Colombia Ms. Heidi Botero
Co-ordinator of Economic Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Colombia
 Hemant VERMA - India Mr. Hemant Verma
National Expert on Cluster Development
Republic of India
 Henry TACHIE-MENSON - Ghana Mr. Henry Tachie-Menson
Minister Counsellor
Permanent Mission to the UN
Republic of Ghana
Jacek Mr. Jacek Cukrowski
Chief, Institute for Capacity Development
UNIDO Headquarters
Republic of Austria
 Jeanne MRAD - Lebanon Ms. Jeanne Mrad
First Secretary
Mission of Lebanon in Vienna
Republic of Lebanon
 Jerobeam SHAANIKA - Namibia Mr. Jerobeam Shaanika
Deputy Permanent Representative
Permanent Mission to the UN
Republic of Namibia
 Joseph KASSAYE - Ethiopia Mr. Joseph Kassaye
Ethiopian Mission to the UN
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
 Kazuki Mr. Kazuki Kitaoka
Programme Officer
UNIDO Headquarters
Republic of Austria
Kosamat ANIBILOWO Mr. Keunsik Han
Manager of the Climate Change Office
Korean International Cooperation Agency
Republic of Korea
 Keunsik HAN - Korea Mr. Kosamat Anibilowo
Environmental Protection Board
Federal Republic of Nigeria
 Lofti BEN SAID - Tunisia Mr. Lofti Ben Said
Director Department of Sustainable Development
Ministry of Agriculture & Environment
Tunisian Republic
 Maria Laura RIOS - Uruguay Ms. Maria Laura Rodriguez Rios
Economist, Environmental Programme
Exporters Association
Oriental Republic of Uruguay
 Marie Abalos - Philippines Ms. Marie Yvette Abalos
Office of United Nations and Other International Organizations (UNIO)
Department of Foreign Affairs,
 Mirtala Solorzano - Guatemala Ms. Mirtala Solorzano
Ministry of Environment
Republic of Guatemala
 Modest MERO - Tanzania Mr. Modest Mero
Minister Plenipotentiary
Permanent Mission to the UN
United Republic of Tanzania
 Mokgadi MATHEKGANA - South Africa Ms. Mokgadi Mathekgana
Chief Director Clean Energy
Department of Energy
Republic of South Africa
 Mutasim AL-KILANI - Jordan Mr. Mutasim Zaid Al-Kilani
Director of Sustainable Development
Ministry of Planning
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
 Neelofur HAFEEZ - Pakistan Ms. Neelofur Hafeez
Deputy Secretary Climate Change
Ministry of Environment
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
 Paul EMPOLE - Congo Mr. Paul Empole
First Counsellor in charge of Economic, Environmental & Disarmament Affairs
Permanent Mission to the UN
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Rocio Ramirez - Mexico Ms. Rocio Fernandez Ramirez
MC. Economics & Public Policies
National Institute of Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Ministry
United Mexican States
 Ruchira WITHANA - Sri Lanka Mr. Ruchira Withana
Director Industry Registration & Management Information Systems
Ministry of Industry & Commerce
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
 Samir AL-KILANI - Jordan Mr. Samir Al-Kilani
Director of Project Management Directorate
Ministry of Environment
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Thembela NGCULU - South Africa Mr. Thembela Osmond Ngculu
Counsellor for Sustainable Development and Climate Change
Permanent Mission to the UN
Republic of South Africa
 Valdivieso RAMIREZ - Ecuador Mr. Valdivieso Ramirez
International Cooperation Officer
Ministry of Environment
Republic of Ecuador
 Vannak CHHUN - Cambodia Mr. Vannak Chhun
Deputy Director General for Inspection & Senior Minister’s Advisor
Ministry of Environment,
Kingdom of Cambodia
 Vijavat ISARABHAKDI - Thailand Mr. Vijavat Isarabhakdi
Director General
Department of International Organizations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Kingdom of Thailand

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