The Future of Manufacturing: Trends and Policy Options

Hernstein Castle, Austria | 27 – 31 October 2014

Between 17 and 31 October 2014, the UNIDO Institute for Capacity Development conducted its third Global Executive Programme “The Future of Manufacturing: Trends and Policy Options”. It took place at Hernstein Castle in Austria. The programme was attended by Ministers, Director Generals and high-level officials from 25 middle income countries world-wide (for a complete list, please see the information brochure below).

Speakers included lecturers from the University of Cambridge (UK), the University of California, the Korea Development Institute, high-level experts from the Indian Planning Commission, the Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa and the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) as well as publishers from the Economist and the Financial Times, among others.

Sessions included lectures, panel discussions, evening talks, case studies and a scenario analysis exercise. Participants were given the opportunity to:

  • increase their understanding of present and future technological developments in global manufacturing and their economic and social impact;
  • raise their awareness of the significance and ramifications of industrial policy choices and approaches to industrial policy management in the overall economic development process;
  • discuss and analyze customized manufacturing strategies.

Thereby, participants acquired a better understanding of industrial policy management methods and tools and learned how to adapt and apply them successfully.

Information Brochure

2014-11-05 15_27_14-executive_programme_manufacturing_2014_27OCT.pdf - Adobe ReaderFor a complete description of the programme including speakers, participants and agenda, please look at the programme information brochure.

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Background Papers

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Emerging Trends in Global Manufacturing Industries

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21st Century Manufacturing

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Emerging Green Technologies for the Manufacturing Sector


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