Enhancing Industrial Policies: Diagnosis, Strategies and Instruments for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development

4 – 22 April 2016 | Seoul, Republic of Korea

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From 4 – 22 April 2016, twenty four public servants and industrial analysts from two dozen developing countries were taking part in a training course on industrial policy organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

The three-week programme, delivered by UNIDO’s Institute for Capacity Development, titled “Enhancing industrial policies – diagnosis, strategies and instruments for inclusive and sustainable industrial development” supported policymakers in designing and re-formulating industrial policies for inclusive and sustainable industrial development. It built their capacities for industrial policy formulation and analysis and enabled them to acquire a comprehensive overview of the key stages of effective industrial policy development, including industrial performance diagnosis, strategy, and policy instruments to achieve objectives and priorities.

In addition to the course’s theoretical and practical components, participants had the opportunity to exchange their ideas and network with their colleagues from different parts of the world. The course further highlighted the Korean industrial development experience. It was supported by a number of high-level guest speakers from Korean Ministries and Universities as well as by several field trips to companies throughout the country.

The programme was the first of a kind organized jointly by KOICA and UNIDO and based on its success laid the foundations for a stronger cooperation between the two organizations in the field of capacity building and training.

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